Rockland Creek Estates - 3410 Rockland Creek Road, Bumpass, Virginia 23024


The annual meeting of the Rockland Creek Estates Homeowners Association will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Rehoboth United Methodist Church, 18580 Partlow Road.  Come for refreshments at 9:30am.  The meeting begins at 10am.  
If you are unable to attend, please vote using the absentee ballot included in the notice of the meeting that was recently mailed to you.  Send your ballot to:
3334 Fisherman Way
Bumpass, VA 23024

New Treasurer:  Rockland Creek HOA extends its thanks and appreciation to Jackie Rowe for filling the treasurer position for the past year.  Jackie will be moving to Florida and we are grateful to Derek Scott for volunteering to step into the position. 

Beautification Committee:  For many years, volunteers have been taking care of the entrances and common areas.  The association and the executive committee are grateful to all of the effort they put into keeping our community groomed.  Unfortunately, we no longer have a volunteer crew to serve as the Beautification Committee; therefore, that work will be contracted out.  Many thanks to all who pitched in for so many years.  You made a difference! 

Members (and their guests and renters) are reminded of the no-wake zone from the boat slips to the buoys.  Navigation in this area is minimum speed that allows you to maintain steering and make headway without generating a wake. 
REMINDER:  All construction plans (including new homes, additions, sheds, fences, boat houses, garages) must be submitted to the Construction Coordination Committee (CCC) for approval BEFORE construction begins.  This ensures that all plans are in compliance with the RCHA Covenants (Rules and Regulations) and avoids violation issues.  The Construction Approval Request form that must accompany any plans submitted to the CCC has been added below under Rules and Forms. 
Rockland Creek Homeowners Association
A volunteer homeowners association oversees the maintenance of the roads, gates and common areas.  The board consists of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer who are elected at the annual meeting for terms of 2 years.  In addition, there are the following committees:  Road, Beautification, Dock and Construction Coordination.
Board Members:
President: Gary Bullis  540-895-9595, 3334 Fisherman Way
Vice-President: Glen Elmore, 540-895-5405, 11109 Piney Forest Dr.
Secretary: Charlotte Cochard, 540-895-0377, 3339 Fisherman Way,
Treasurer: Derek Scott, 703-401-8019, 3301 Viola Way,
Dock Committee:
William Boggs (chair)
Construction Coordination Committee:
Jack Iden (chair),
Gary Cochard
Bob Falkenbach
Robert Bruning
George Worthen
Gate Code Coordinator:
Gary Bullis  540-895-9595
Mailbox Key Coordinator:
Derek Scott, 703-401-8019,
Recent Meetings
All the reports listed below are approved/accepted reports unless otherwise noted. Draft versions are reviewed/revised/accepted at the next Executive or Annual meeting as appropriate.
04-28-19 - Annual Meeting
Meeting Minutes (draft, pending approval)
02-08-18 - Executive Meeting
Meeting Minutes (draft, pending approval)
11-09-17 - Executive Meeting
08-03-17 - Executive Meeting
05-06-17 - Annual Meeting
Community Info
Lot Listing (under revision)
Rules and Forms
Meeting Archives
05-06-17 - Annual Meeting
01-19-17 - Executive Meeting
10-13-16 - Executive Meeting
7-14-16 - Executive Meeting
For report of any meetings prior to July 14, 2016, please see the current secretary. 

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